About Wendy Awai-Dakroub

Me in Rarotonga | 2019

I’m Wendy and write Eat Play Stay Hawaii.

I started my personal blog in 2014 called pintsizegourmets.com to document my family’s travel and food adventures while world-schooling my two children. By 2018, it ballooned into a travel blog after I started to include tips from our lives as ex-pats living part-time in Hawaii and part-time at campsites and luxury hotels around the globe.

As the pandemic took hold and replaced our travel routine for quarantine, my writing took a backseat as we put our family first during this unprecedented event and stayed put in Hawai’i. While we masked up, our pintsize children turned into teens, and eating out and going to hotels during this pandemic was discouraged. So, we opted for home-cooked meals and our comfy beds for food reviews and luxury accommodations.  

Until recently, I didn’t realize that my blog continued to grow, and more people liked to read my travelogues, so I decided to relaunch my old blog and rebrand it as Eat Play Stay Hawaii – since Hawai’i is our home. There are no plans at the moment to travel. We’ll look, at least for a while.

At Eat, Play, Stay Hawaii, you’ll find 3 main topics woven throughout this site; Places to Eat, Places to Play, and Places to Stay while you’re in Hawaii, and recaps of our personal travels and lifestyle tips.

I hope you’ll join my family and me on our adventures!

With Love and Aloha,


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