trying ham in spain

A Pork Lovers Paradise

We, as a family aren’t BIG pork lovers or eaters. Hubby rarely touches the stuff and Lou Lou and Jaf’s major pork affection is limited to SPAM (processed pork in a can), which you will never understand unless you’re born and raised in Hawaii. Our trip to Girona, Spain proved we were a bit uneducated when it came to pork and the Catalonians‘ love for it. I don’t think there’s a piece of the pig they don’t eat.

It’s hard not to stop and photograph restaurants with cured ham legs “hanging” in the window. It’s just something you don’t see in the United States. It sparked so much curiosity from the kids so we decided to have a quick snack and experience trying ham in Spain for the first time.

trying ham in spain
Kids wanted to try this restaurant, PORCUS

Since weren’t sure what to order, we went with whatever the server recommended. She said it would be great for us to just sample the different kinds of sausages they have, with the most popular being “fuet“.

trying ham in spain
Housemade “fuet” (dry cured sausage particular to Catalunya)

She also recommended we try their deep fried pork skin, Chicharron, which is similar if not the same as in the Philippines. The kids like this dish the most, probably because it tasted just like a pork potato chip, says Lou Lou!

trying ham in spain
Chicharron, deep fried pork skin
trying ham in spain
These cured olive were wonderful! Jaf loved them!

She then brought us the sampler plate with a large basket of bread that is famous throughout Spain called “pan con tomate” which means bread with tomato. This bread was lovely. It’s grated tomato and garlic, infused with olive oil and a bit of salt. Muy bueno!!

trying ham in spain
Our sausage sampler plate

Pan Con Tomate!!

trying ham in spain

And to finish off our pork food frenzy, they brought us this lovely platter of cheese, with dried fruits and nuts. The cheeses were divine and when mixing them together with the pork sausages, it was in explosion of taste in your mouth, sweet and salty!

With our bellies full we left Porcus extremely satisfied. The kids now have a new love and respect for ham, pork, and the sausages hanging in the windows of Spanish restaurants. They no longer find the need to quickly run past every sausage house in Spain with their eyes closed yelling “GROSS”!!!

Thank goodness.


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