the best crepes in Paris

The Best Crepes in Paris: We Loves Crepes

The only food item my children can identify from France is the croissant, and the beloved crepe.

We’ve eaten crepes many times before at a food cart at Eat the Street in Honolulu. The kids love the savory ones (pizza and ham/cheese are their favorites), so it didn’t take long for them to figure out we were in France and ask to eat crepes.

When we told Jaf and LouLou we were going to a real “creperie” they were excited! But then were quickly dissappointed as they realized 1) they won’t be watching anyone making it, and 2) it was a restaurant instead of a food cart.

The creperie near our hotel that was delicious 🙂
The place is 30+ years old
The place is 30+ years old
This is NOT a creperie!
This is NOT a creperie!

One of the best things about “street crepes” is that it’s made on the street and the kids can watch them being made. Unfortunately, during this trip to Paris, we could hardly find the crepe food carts we were used to seeing 15 years ago, it seems they have all been moved into store fronts or into stands near tourists areas and not made fresh.

We convinced them that this creperie is very old and one of the best in Paris and so we ordered one savory and one sweet. Since unforunately the menu was entirely in French our friendly waiter suggested we order the “The Special”, which was a savory crepe with “everything” and topped with an egg (a local favorite) and we decided on the Salted Caramel for the sweet one.

Crepe made with buckwheat
“The Special”! A crepe made with buckwheat…
Our Salted Caramel :)
Our Salted Caramel 🙂

Jaf and LouLou liked both equally and we ended up ordering another “Special” because they ate the whole thing without sharing with Mom and Dad.

This is so tasty Mom… I love caramel!
This is so tasty Mom… I love caramel!
Jaf enjoying the last piece!
Jaf enjoying the last piece!

Val De Rance became our new hangout in Paris, with us eating crepes at least twice a week because the kids loved it there…

“OK Mom, you are right. This is a REAL creperie!”


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