breakfast in the united arab emirates

Breakfast in the United Arab Emirates

breakfast in the united arab emirates
Ready for Breakfast!

After a long flight from Marakkech to Madrid, Madrid to Dubai we found ourselves unable to sleep as we arrive at 6am local UAE time.

Since our rooms were not ready we decided to go for a walk and ended up at a little cafe called House of Sweets in Al Barsha that served an Emirati breakfast in the United Arab Emirates. This would be our first-ever experience eating the local cuisine of the United Arab Emirates, curious we walked in and asked for a menu. The waitresses were ever so nice and explained each item for us making suggestions along the way.

Jaf kept complaining how hungry he was. I think they felt bad and brought him and Lou Lou a plate of small desserts, which disappeared quickly.

breakfast in the united arab emirates
Emirati Breakfast Menu

Breakfast in the UAE usually involves something sweet like breads served with cheese, date syrup and honey. Although eggs and another dish called Balaleet (sweetened vermicelli mixed with eggs, raisins, cardamon and saffron) is quite popular as well.

We decided to order Muhala and Khameer breads for breakfast with a fresh fruit cocktail on the side.

breakfast in the united arab emirates
Fresh Fruit Cocktail 🙂

It wasn’t long before our drinks arrived, they were cold and refreshing. A mixture of fresh mango juice, cream and strawberry juice. It was a wonderful blend of flavors! By the time our breakfast came both kids were halfway through their drinks!

breakfast in the united arab emirates
Fresh fruit cocktail and mango juice

It wasn’t long before our Khameer and Muhala appeared on the table with our cheese and honey dip. Both breads are very different from each other. The Khameer is more of a round flatbread with a puffy, golden top whereas the Muhala is more thin and crispy almost like a wafer.

breakfast in the united arab emirates
Khameer (a mixture of yeast, flour, milk powder sprinkled with sesame seeds and cooked to a toasty brown color)
breakfast in the united arab emirates
Dipping Khameer into honey!

The kids loved it! They loved dipping their breads into the cheese, then honey, then cheese with honey. It seemed to go on forever… the dipping that is.

I must admit, I became an overnight fan of these local delicacies and as we licked our fingers, paid our check and headed out the door we couldn’t help but skip the hotel breakfast buffet and return the next day to House of Sweets for more…

House of Sweets
Al Barsha Boutique Building
Ground Floor
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone: 04-4253388

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