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Kid Friendly, Cool Gadgets: Get Immediate Relief from Bug Bites

We had a fantastic summer this year in Michigan! There were days filled with sunshine, minimal rain and limited interaction with insects that bite.

Then it all changed.

After a wonderful evening at a local open air drive-in theatre we got home only to discover that we were covered in mosquito bites. The next morning both Lou Lou and Jaf were scratching their bodies and complaining and then I remembered we had received a cool gadget to review that could magically “take the itch away.”


The Bug Bite Thing is a little plastic suction device that is clinically proven to extract bug venom.

Bug Bite Thing
The Bug Bite Thing

I immediately unwrapped the device and gave it to my daughter who was complaining about being super itchy. I didn’t need to explain how to use it, she figured it out on her own. This is one of the reasons this product so wonderful…it is kid-friendly!

She chose the largest bite on her hand to experiment on first and after a few “pumps” said she felt instant relief from the itch. She then moved on to the next bite. After suctioning 10+ bites she handed the device to her younger brother and said “try this” and took off on her bike.

Bug Bite Thing
Suctioning the poison from the bite with a few “pumps”

That was it.

She stopped complaining about her bites and itches.

Bug Bite Thing
Lou Lou felt instant relief after using Bug Bite Thing

My son has a problem with swelling after mosquito bites, so when he started suctioning his bites we noticed the itch and swelling started to reduce!

We have concluded that this is a must-travel-with-device for these reasons:

    1. It’s kid-friendly
    2. It’s chemical free
    3. It’s light and easy to clean and pack in your suitcase
    4. Perfect for hotel/RV/camping/motorhome travel (things we often do)

No itch, no pain, minimal swelling and way faster healing. We decided to purchase another Bug Bite Thing for our car and first aid kit at home.

Bug Bite Thing
Better safe than sorry!

There is no way we’d ever leave the house without our Bug Bite Thing again!

Click here to order your Bug Bite Thing now!

      • Note: The suction can be powerful on the face. My son decided to play with it and suctioned a bite on his chin which left a purple mark. It wasn’t painful but he had a very visible purple circle on this chin.

bug bite thing


Disclaimer: We received complimentary samples of Bug Bite Thing. However, as always, all opinions expressed on the blog are our own.

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