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Camping Fun on the Zuiderzee in the Netherlands

Strandbad Edam was the first campsite we booked after purchasing our very first RV in the Netherlands. We were new to the country and had no clue how to drive an RV. The owners of the RV recommended we find a campsite nearby so we can “get used to” our new “home on wheels”. After checking out the internet we chose this campsite because it was only 45 minutes away from Schiphol Airport (where the RV was stored and parked). It took us 1 1/2 hours to drive from the airport to Camping Strandbad and we spent a week at the campsite. It was easy to find, small and perfect for our first week on the road.

Camping Strandbad
Our first camping pitch in Amsterdam!

The campsite is very clean, small and perfect for a family with small children. There were 2 playground areas for the kids and a very large green field where the kids could play sports. The campsite also had bungalows for rent with many families taking advantage of the activities planned out daily by the event coordinators on-site (activities are usually only during high-season).

Camping Strandbad
Restaurant, pool and the small playground. A larger one was near the entrance.

Every morning there is fresh baked bread you can order the night before and lovely restaurant that overlooks the shoreline. The kids loved walking along the shore, throwing stones and watching all the sailboats go by. Near the Zuiderzee was a slide that went into the canal where children of all ages (including adults) were enjoying the weather and relaxing.

camping strandbad
The slide we spent hours on..

We biked to Edam from the campsite (a 5 minute ride or 15 minute walk) and the bike paths were perfect and safe for the family. We also ventured out to nearby Volendam “the pearl of the Zuiderzee” which was 20 minutes away to see some of the traditional Dutch costumes, wooden shoes and even had time to visit a cheese factory.

It was the best “first-time” camping experience we had… We loved it!

Camping Strandbad Edam
Zeevangszeedijk 7A
1135 PZ Edam
Phone: +31(0) 299 371994
Fax: +31(0) 299 371510

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