Covid-19: What To Do with Your Keiki During Spring Break 2020 in Hawaii

For most of the locals in Hawaii, Spring Break gives us a week-long (or two), anticipated relief from work and school. It’s a time where we make plans to leave the island to enjoy our favorite destinations like Whistler, Disneyland, the Big Island or Las Vegas. We save for months and sometimes years to book our tickets, hotels and cars and activities. Usually, there’s a wave of excitement the closer we edge to that weekend of travel. But this year, the excitement is met with fear, anxiety or just plain disappointment.

As new cases of the novel coronavirus continue to double across the United States and around the world, most of my friends have canceled their trips and made adjustments to spend Spring Break at home, literally.  While some are still traveling, yet worried that the vacations they’ve been looking forward to for months – will be safe.  

As of March 13th, there are only 2 confirmed positive novel coronavirus in Hawaii cases, so perhaps staying home is safer than going to the mainland? No one knows, but one thing’s for sure – the Dakroubs are not going anywhere, so here’s our list of things to do this Spring Break on Oahu that don’t require you to stand too close to anyone, keeps our kids busy and sanity intact.

Go Boogie Boarding in Waikiki


The chances of you or your kids catching the virus while boogie boarding in the water is highly unlikely.  Especially since the whole point of boogie boarding is to avoid hitting or touching people in the first place.  The same goes for surfing.  Pick a beach that’s safe for your Keiki and go catch some waves.  

Picnic in at Ala Moana Beach Park

Magic Island @ Ala Moana Beach Park

I know there may be a whole lot of other beaches you’d rather picnic at, but for our family, Ala Moana is our go-to for picnics. Simply because there’s so much going on your kids are unlikely to get bored. I recommend Magic Island; 1) cause it’s far from people 2) it’s a farther walk from the parking lot (so your kids get tired) and the ocean on that side is much cleaner and empty. Find a tree to lie under, bring a soccer ball and have fun in the water.

Go Hiking Up Makapu’u


Hiking is best when it’s not too crowded.  Otherwise, you’re just dodging people on the way up, which we obviously don’t want to do (social distancing).  The best hike to enjoy with kids, without getting too close to people is the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail.  Arrive early in the morning, the gate opens at 7am. Take some water and lots of pictures as you go to the top.

Visit the Lagoons in Ko’olina

Sunset at Lagoon 1

One of our favorite things to do as a family is swim from Lagoon 4 to Lagoon 1 in Ko’olina and walk back.  Yep, they will complain and nag but it does add excitement to the day.  Bring your snorkel gear and see if you can spot the honu who frequent the lagoons and don’t forget to pack a cooler for lunch.  We go late afternoon, around 3pm when the crowd leaves to catch the sunset at 6:30pm.

Go Fishing


We have our favorite “secret” spot on the island for fishing, but then if we share it, it wouldn’t be secret! So, our next choice for fishing (because it is a lonely sport) has to be at Ali’i Agriculture Farms where kids and adults can spend the day catching fish.  Yes, you will catch fish here, it’s guaranteed.  The best part is you don’t have to sit near anyone, kids enjoy it and parents can have their catch cooked up fried or steamed at the local food truck.  Yep, everyone leaves happy.  Bring your chairs, umbrellas (for sun or rain protection) and enjoy.

So there, you’re now loaded with a week’s worth of activities that practice safe social distancing and keeps your Keiki busy this Spring Break.

In the meantime, make sure (if anything) you and your family are prepared for any increase with the actual cases here in Hawaii that may require you to change your staycation plans. Stay informed and be mindful around our most fragile Kupuna by remembering to sanitize and wash your hands frequently.

Take care my friends, we’ll get through this break… if we’re allowed to call it that.

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