10 Dutch Foods to Try in Amsterdam

We loved our time spent RVing the Netherlands, Amsterdam in particular. We were surprised at how much the kid-foodies enjoyed trying Dutch food, so when we got to Amsterdam, the first thing we signed up for was a food tour of Amsterdam. That’s where we discovered all the delicious and popular Dutch food to sample in Amsterdam. This post is for any food lover visiting Amsterdam; here’s what to eat in Amsterdam, Dutch foods to try in Amsterdam, and which Amsterdam street food market to explore.

Amsterdam is a city visited by millions of tourists annually who come for a variety of reasons: to explore its beautiful canals, see the art by Van Gogh, visit the Anne Frank museum, or simply to indulge in the abundance of coffeeshops that dot the city streets.

Taking a food tour in Amsterdam

For us, Amsterdam was initially just a short stop on our RV tour across Europe. We loved the Dutch countryside and weren’t really looking forward to being in a big city. However, once we got there it was a different story; the abundance of Dutch street food and street food markets really won us over and we decided to extend our stay.

We were interested in exploring the food scene in Amsterdam and planned an exciting culinary worldschooling lesson on popular Dutch food for the kid-foodies. How did we plan it?

hungry birds food tour in amsterdam - dutch foods to eat in amsterdam
Poffertjes stand at Albert Cuypmarkt

By taking a food tour! (side note: here are three tours we recommend in Amsterdam. A custom food tour with Hungry Birds, the Jordaan Food & Canals Tour with Eating Amsterdam, and a Private Food Tour by WithLocals).

As you know by now, we’re huge advocates of discovering a culture through its cuisine. It’s how we choose to culinary world-school our two kid-foodies, LouLou and Jaf. Food tours are a great way to accomplish that, and we’ve been on some deliciously informative ones in Marrakech, Prague, and of course, Amsterdam.

The first-ever food tour we took in Amsterdam focused on discovering Amsterdam’s street food scene and was tailored with our kid-foodies worldschooling program in mind. We got to try popular Dutch food, and visited a couple of Amsterdam street food markets that made us fall even more in love with the vibrant city.

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Amsterdam Street Food Market

We’re so glad we didn’t skip Amsterdam during our RV trip across the Netherlands, because if we didn’t we wouldn’t know that Amsterdam has tons of food markets and halls!

Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam Bustling with People - Dutch Foods to try in AmsterdamDuring our private food tour with Hungry Birds, we discovered our favorite market, Albert Cuyp Market located in Amsterdam’s De Pijp neighborhood. The market first opened in 1904 and since then has grown to over 300 booths on either side of the street selling everything from street food, fruits & vegetables, packaged popular Dutch foods, cheese, seafood, and even cosmetics and clothing. Even if you’re not a foodie, you cannot miss a visit to Albert Cuyp. Here are 10 food markets you cannot miss in Amsterdam.

How to Get Around Amsterdam –> If you’re wondering how to get around Amsterdam, here’s what worked for us. The kids were a little too young to navigate the city by bike. So, we did a combination of walking and using the city’s public transportation system to get around. We recommend the I amsterdam city card which not only got us free rides on the buses and metro, but free admission to a lot of the city’s activities, and there were significant discounts for the kids.

10 Popular Dutch Foods to Try in Amsterdam

Here’s our Amsterdam food guide; a list of all the popular Dutch foods to try in Amsterdam. Note that they’re all kid-foodie approved and recommended. Even the stinky ones!


dutch herring served with pickles and onions - dutch foods to try in amsterdam

You’ll find “Hollandse Nieuwe Haring” food stalls at almost every corner, bridge or street fair in Amsterdam. A popular snack, Herring (we think it tastes similar to smoked salmon, but more oily & with a pungent smell), is raw and typically served with chopped onions and pickles. Our suggestion for eating it is to cock your head back, pinch your nose, and chew away. You get used to it quickly, and may even end up eating half the plate…like we did!


If you’re not a fan of trying raw things like herring, then don’t fret. The Dutch have got you covered with Kibbeling. It’s basically the fried version of tiny pieces of white fish, typically cod, that are battered and deep-fried to perfection. They’re served with a side of mayonnaise and fresh lemon wedges.

kibbeling - fried pieces of white fish - dutch foods to try in amsterdamBest served hot and fresh out the oil, you’ll find kibbeling served at street food markets across the city, or even special kibbeling and herring food trucks.

Patat or Vlaamse Frites

street food to eat in Amsterdam
We never imagined that Amsterdam would be the place to rival Hawaii for its mayonnaise varieties and quantities! Mustard mayo, spicy mayo, peanut mayo, Thai mayo…you name it, there’s a mayonnaise for it. What do they serve it with? Why, French fries, of course!

street food to eat in Amsterdam
Wasn’t too fond of the onions.. but otherwise, he devoured it!

Yes, French fries (patat in Dutch) are one of the most popular street foods in the Netherlands. These fresh, crispy fries are so addicting, and make for a quick, satisfying snack. I think we must have tried every possible combination, and a top contender was patat with mayonnaise and satesaus (peanut/satay sauce).


street food to eat in AmsterdamThe stroopwafel originates from the town of Gouda (also the town for the famous gouda cheese) when a baker didn’t know what to do with the leftover breadcrumbs…so he created the stoopwafel. Best served piping hot, the stroopwafel with its gooey, caramel-like filling is so divine that it’s hard to eat just one.
street food to eat in Amsterdam
You can find fresh stroopwafel’s at the Albert Cuypmarkt where we opted for the “king size” version, or packaged at the grocery store.


Spekkoek, when literally translated means “fat cake”. This is the Dutch version of an Indonesian recipe of a layered spiced cake. It’s extremely rich and flavorful and one can taste all the spices that are included in the recipe. Lou Lou was the first to try it and ate her piece as well as the other half of Jaf’s.
slices of dutch spekkoekWe tried Spekkoek at Toko Ramee, an authentic Indonesian produce store in Amsterdam. It was there that we came to learn from the owners the history of Amsterdam’s large Indonesian population. Indonesia was once a Dutch colony for several hundred years, and only very recently gained their independence in 1949. As a result of the independence, many people known as Indos ( people of mixed Indonesian-Dutch origin) were forced to leave Indonesia and move back to the Netherlands. You’ll find plenty of Indonesian restaurants and stores in the city serving authentic Indonesian cuisine, as well as some unique Indo-Dutch dishes like Spekkoek!


Hangop means to “hang up” and is a very old Dutch dairy dessert. It’s made with yogurt or buttermilk and strained through a towel which used to “hang” over a colander to drain (hence the name).
four servings of dutch hangop with raspberries on topThe yogurt has the taste and texture of greek yogurt, but far better. Topped with fresh raspberries and a ginger-tasting cookie, the Dutch Hangop is a popular meal for breakfast, but we reckon kids and adults must eat it all the time…it’s better than frozen yogurt! Read all about our food tour experience trying spekkoek and hangop in Amsterdam.


chef making poffertjes - dutch foods to try in amsterdamThese fluffy mini-pancakes made with buckwheat flour were a hit on our tour. Served with a generous amount of butter, and loaded with powdered sugar, you can find them all throughout Amsterdam.
plate of poffertjes dusted with powdered sugar- dutch foods to try in amsterdam
Though we preferred them with just the sugar and butter, there are additional toppings that can be added on top of your poffertjes such as whipped cream, fresh strawberries or chocolate sauce (a local favorite).


The Dutch are famous for their varieties of cheese and cheese tasting in Amsterdam is a popular thing to do. There’s even a cheese museum! Since we introduced our children to all types of cheeses from a young age, they have no problems trying them, no matter how smelly!
reypenaer cheese shop - dutch foods to try in amsterdamWe loved getting to try the different types of Gouda on our food tour, but there are other Dutch cheeses like Edam and Maasdam to try.
Here are a few Dutch cheese tastings you have to try when in Amsterdam:


We have to start off by saying that Dutch licorice is not like the licorice you may be used to in America! Dutch Licorice or “drop” is a popular snack item in the Netherlands.
Dutch Licorice and Gummies in The NetherlandsThe Dutch “drop” are sold in many shapes, sizes, and varieties. Ranging from soft, sweet and salty to just plain awful (like the dubbel zout). Every grocery store isle in the Netherlands is filled top to bottom with different kinds of Dutch licorice. So try a couple…and let us know what you think!


street food to eat in Amsterdam
These savory deep-fried battered balls are served piping hot and filled with a soft mixture of beef, flour, and herbs. They pair well with a dab of mustard and for the adults, a glass of white beer.
street food in Amsterdam
We were told that they’re also served in between two sandwich slices or on a bread roll, which is called a “Broodje kroket.”

Trying some of the popular Dutch street food is an absolute must during your visit to Amsterdam. They’re unique, kid-friendly, easy on the wallet, and of course delicious!

Have you been to Amsterdam and tried the street food? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


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