gelato vs ice cream

Cool Off this Summer with Gelato!

gelato vs ice cream
The gelato displays throughout Italy were eye-candy for the kids!

With global temperatures soaring in 2015, El Niño has definitely arrived here in the states. This summer in particular we find ourselves eating way more ice cream than normal and missing all the wonderful Gelato we ate while in Europe.

gelato vs ice cream
Creme Brulee and Nutella for Jaf!

So, Gelato vs Ice Cream…what’s the difference? Gelato, a traditional Italian frozen dessert has become more and more popular in the USA thanks to its taste and lightness. If you’ve been to Italy before, you will probably agree that Gelato is much more creamier and the flavors much more vibrant than the ice cream we purchase at our local supermarket. It’s because Gelato is made with a greater portion of whole milk than cream, making the flavors more intense.

gelato vs ice cream
The displays of gelato in Italy are eye-candy for the kids!

The secret to Gelato’s smooth, dense texture is it has less air in it, giving it a really thick feel without the fat. Churned at a slower speed than ice cream, Gelato becomes denser because less air is whipped into the mixture. Ice cream usually contains as much as 50% air whereas Gelato contains about 20-30%. Also, ice cream is served frozen, while Gelato is stored and served at warmer temperature so it’s not completely frozen so you can really taste all of the flavors.

gelato vs ice cream
In Girona, Spain! Yes, there’s Gelato everywhere in the world lately!

There’s really nothing like it. Frozen yogurt doesn’t even come close to the flavors and texture of a good Gelato. If you can’t find a local Gelato shop in your hometown or city, you can always opt for store-bought brands Talenti and Haagen Dazs. Two of the kids favorite flavors are recommend here;

Talenti Gelato & Sorbeto

gelato vs ice cream
Caramel Cookie Crunch is REALLY good!

Haagen Dazs

gelato vs ice cream
HD’s Dark Chocolate Chip gelato is so creamy and good!

The truth is, ice cream is America’s favorite but once you’ve tried Gelato, there is no going back!

Go get some today!

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