how to eat a stroopwafel

Oh Them Stroopwafles…

Waffles are my kids favorite breakfast item when dining out. They just can’t get enough of it. With syrup, without, with chocolate sauce or nutella, strawberries or cream, they like it anyway its served. So when they were told that Esther (our Hungrybird guide) was taking them to eat waffles, their faces lit up!

Stroopwafel Food Truck
Stroopwafel Food Truck

As we approached, Jaf’s face looked a bit disturbed. “Hold On”! These waffles are too small?” Esther began to explain that they are not like American waffles but instead called Stroopwafels and are baked with a very thin dough and filled with a caramel like filling, soon they start to realize it’s different. The stroopwafel originates from the town Gouda in the Netherlands (also a town with famous cheese) when a baker didn’t know what to do with the leftover breadcrumbs which were sweetened with syrup, so he created the stoopwafel.

All packed up and ready to go!
Fresh batch of waffles just arrived!
Finished product! 🙂

It was hard to just eat one, really hard. So we ordered another! 🙂


It really just melts in your mouth…

With chocolate?! Oh my!

If you don’t know what a stoopwafel is, you haven’t been to the Netherlands… 🙂

* This particular stroopwafel truck is located at the Albert Cuypmarket, a must visit when in Amsterdam!

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