Italy’s Most Prized Dessert – The Cannoli

After a long day exploring the city of Rome we all were craving something sweet. As we wandered pass the Vatican we stumbled upon a Cannoleria with a window display of CANNOLI’S!

Hard to resist Cannoli window display
Cannolu Sicilian otherwise known as Cannoli’s 🙂

Known as “Cannolu Sicilian”, this beautiful Sicilian dessert originated from the Palermo region where it was made to celebrate Carnevale (Carnival) as a symbol of fertility. Years later the Cannoli became one of Italy’s most prized desserts (after Tiramisu and Gelato).

It’s almost impossible to find this dessert anywhere in our hometown of Aiea, Hawaii and so with eyes wide open we were excited to share this light, crispy dessert with the kids. The most popular cannoli is one served with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. But of course, my children always want something different.

Nutella and Pistachio
The original :)
The original 🙂

Filled with flavored whipped ricotta cheese, its difficult to just eat one. The kids ordered lemon, pistachio and nutella. Each cannoli’s shell was crunchy and fresh, and the fillings were creamy with the right amount of sweetness.

Ten cannoli’s later we were full.

"The lemon one is the bomb!"
“The lemon one is the bomb!”

Don’t visit Italy without eating a Cannoli… You have been warned!!!

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