It’s Safe to Eat Cactus!

While strolling through the modern neighborhood of Gueliz, a popular tourist destination in Marrakech, we spotted a cart filled with interesting looking fruit. The kids asked to go check it out and so we wandered across the street.

Karmous El Hindi - Cactus Fruit
Karmous El Hindi – Cactus Fruit

Daddy already knew what it was, and explained to them it was cactus or in Arabic called Karmous El Hindi. Karmous El Hindi are the fruit of the Opuntia cactus plant which can be found in the Mediterranean, Mexico, North Africa and parts of the US and South Africa.

Known to many as “pricky pears”, this tiny oval “pokey” looking fruit is safe to eat once the skin is removed. Luckily someone was there to remove the skin for us so all we had to do was eat them.

culinary world schooling
“It’s not so bad Mom, its pretty tasty!”

“This is not a pear?”, says Jaf. “It’s called a prickly pear because it almost looks like a pear.”, I reply.

culinary world schooling
Do I have to eat this?


The cactus was sweet, similar to a melon and had many small seeds which was also edible.

So the next time you walk pass a street cart filled with colorful cactus, ask to try one.

You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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