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Best Japanese Cakes in Hawaii

We spent early Sunday morning at Ala Moana Shopping Center since we had to pick up new swimwear from Macy’s and get new LEGO’s from the Lego Store. A couple hours later the kids wanted to go to their favorite dining place, Shirokiya. It’s the most popular Japanese shopping outlet that offers traditional Japanese foods, products and more and reminds us of our visit to Japan.

The kids love taking a stroll through this store, but more importantly getting their favorite Japanese-style cakes from Kulu Kulu Cakes. They have an open kitchen where the kids watch as the pâtissiers create these wonderful desserts with their eyes wide open!

Each month we come to see what’s the NEW and this month it’s SAKURA “Cherry Blossom”.

Specials of the Month
Specials of the Month

Jaf already had his dessert picked out, the same cream puff he’s been getting since they first opened in 2012. Their signature “Diamond Head Cream Puff”. They have them with cream or chocolate filling, Jaf’s favorite is the chocolate one.

Chocolcate Cream Puff

Lou Lou picked her favorite also, their signature cake the Strawberry Roll Cake. It’s so light, fluffy and wonderful. She finished it in 3 bites! (yikes)

Strawberry Roll Cake

We decided to try something new since we always get the same desserts, this time is was the MOCHEESE, which is like a cheesecake topped with mochi and strawberries. That was wonderful as well


“Oh Mom, can we buy them all and take them home”

And my favorite has to be the Jelly Lattes, they are wonderful and I always order the coffee one.

What "Mom" likes :)
What “Mom” likes 🙂
The Store (photo courtesy of Kulu Kulu Cake)
The Store (photo courtesy of Kulu Kulu Cake)
"Put it back in the bag"
“Put it back in the bag”

The dining area is casual and has open seating which is great when you have kids who can’t’ sit still and think its a table for their new toys. Thank goodness they ate their desserts quickly and we were out of there before we had legos all over the place. This is our happy place and we look forward to visiting here whenever we can!

Kulu Kulu
Ala Moana Shirokiya
1st Floor of Shirokiya, Ala Moana Center
Mon-Sat 9:30AM – 9:00PM
Sun 9:30AM -7:00PM


Great for Kids * Open Seating * Open Kitchen for viewing dessert making

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