japanese rice balls

How to Open Store-Bought Onigiri

If you’re visiting Japan and go to any convenience store, you’re bound to see hundreds of little triangle Japanese rice balls filling up the displays near the “pick-up-and-go” sandwich isle.

japanese rice balls
You’ll find onigiri sold at convenience stores such as 7-11

What are Japanese Rice Balls or Onigiri?

O-nigiri, also known as o-musubi, nigirimeshi, or simply rice ball, is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular or cylinder shapes and often wrapped in nori.

japanese rice balls

Onigiri are popular Japanese snack items, but not just in Japan! We eat them regularly in Hawaii, but refer to them as musubi (the kid-foodies also show you how to make their all-time favorite snack, spam musubi here).

spam musubi recipe
Spam-filled onigiri that the kid-foodies made

Onigiri or Musubi can be found in 7-11’s throughout Japan and Hawaii.

How to Open Store-Bought Onigiri

During our visit to Japan we often saw tourists sitting at local train stations and parks opening the cute packaged rice balls the wrong way.

japanese rice balls
LouLou opening up her store-bought onigiri….yummy!

Most of the time the instructions are on the bottom of the package, but in Japanese. For the sake of making things easy, here’s LouLou in our latest YouTube vlog showing you how it’s done!

The next time you find yourself in Japan, or even on our islands, stop by a 7-11 for a quick, delicious onigiri snack. There are quite a few 7-11’s throughout Honolulu, check out the locations list here.

japanese rice balls

Have you tried a store-bought onigiri before or do you make your own at home like we sometimes do? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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