Ka’ak, The Lebanese Bagel

Mornings in Beirut are the best.

In the wee early hours you can hear cars honking, neighbors greeting each other good morning and street vendors shouting “Ka’ak”.

Ka’ak (pronounced KAH-EK) is a ring-shaped bread, baked and covered with sesame seeds. It is sold through cart vendors who dangle them on a railing making sure it is covered with a plastic for protection. It kind of tastes like and reminds me of a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese, but not so filling.

The Ka'ak Man
The Ka’ak Man

It was one hubby’s favorite snack items while growing up in the city and so he decided to wake up Jaf and take him downstairs to go have father and son bonding over breakfast.

I tagged along to get the photo…

What a beauty!
Ka’ak! What a beauty!
Just posing...
Just posing…

Ka’ak is another popular street food and is eaten for breakfast or as a snack filled with La Vache Qui Rit (Laughing Cow) cheese or zaatar. It’s a favorite with children so we weren’t surprised when Jaf ate the half and then ate the other half by himself and then ordered one for his sister.

Where's the other half Dad?!!
Where’s the other half Dad?!!

A ka’ak on the street costs less than $1 so its really a wonderful snack food item for the kids and easy on the budget. It was nice to see father and son bonding over something so simple.


I’m glad I got to capture that moment.

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