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Kid Foodie Fridays: Japanese “Mini” Pizza Candy Kit

One of the coolest “kid-friendly” souvenirs you can purchase when visiting Japan are Japanese Popin Cookin Mini Food Candy Kits.

popin cookin

They can be found at toy stores all over Tokyo. These kits are DIY’s for miniature size food much like the Japanese Toilet Soda Candy we had tried in our previous Kid Foodie Fridays vlog. There are many different kinds of kits to choose from, including mini hamburgers, and sushi!

Some of the food actually taste just like a real pizza, though most are candy. If you’re not visiting Japan in the near future, you can order these Kracie brand Popin Cookin mini food kits online here.

We purchased so many kits, but the kids wanted to put together the pizza kit first so we spent the evening in the hotel putting it together.


The kit comes with a sausage pizza, potato chips, and grape soda. All we needed was a microwave and water.

popin cookin

At first, we couldn’t understand the instructions because it was all in Japanese. Thankfully, they had an English translation PDF available online for us to follow, which made putting this all together all the more fun.

popin cookin
About to dig into their mini pizzas, mini potato fritters and grape soda!

The kids had a blast making these mini pizzas, which by the way, tasted exactly like a sausage pizza!

The potato fritters or chips also tasted pretty similar to cold french fries. The grape soda also tasted like a salty, grape soda.

popin cookin

Without spoiling the entire pizza making process, this is all we’re going to share. Just be aware that one piece of pizza is literally the size of a silver dollar, and you can basically eat it all in one bite!

Now, go order some and have fun making mini food!


Have you tried a DIY Japanese candy kit before? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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