roasted chestnuts

Our First Time Trying Roasted Chestnuts

Ever since I heard Nat King Cole sing this famous song I longed to try roasted chestnuts. My wish recently came true during our recent trip to Germany!

In Germany at this time of year, the scent of roasted chestnuts practically emanates from every street corner. Because there’s so much of it, these nuts cause a slipping danger each year. It’s led to many cities in Germany working with the community to collect and gather as much as possible!

In fact, in the city of Bonn, Haribo the famous gummy-bear manufacturer, invites children to collect as many chestnuts as they can. They can bring them to the candy factory in order to exchange them for sweets. For every pound they collect, they get sweets in return. The chestnuts are then transported to the nearby zoos and parks to feed the animals. Sounds like a movie in the making!

Known as Maronen in German, roasted chestnuts are generally a staple at every German Christmas market. We were lucky enough to stumble upon one while visiting the city of Heidelberg.


roasted chestnuts

Chestnuts are quite filling and are actually low in calories, but high in nutrients. And best of all, they’re cholesterol-free, which is reason enough to get hooked.

It was Lou Lou and Jaf’s first time eating chestnuts, so we were keen to hear what they had to say.

roasted chestnuts
Fresh chestnuts on the vine!

Jaf was a big fan of them! He enjoyed opening each of them and sharing it with his sister.

roasted chestnuts roasted chestnuts

You can find chestnuts at your local grocery store during the “Fall” months. Teresa Cutter of the Healthy Chef has a great article on How To Roast Chestnuts, which we love following. Enjoy!

Have you ever tried chestnuts before? If so, do you enjoy them freshly roasted or in a recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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