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Spain’s version of McDonalds

While driving through Spain and France, we were shocked to see how many McDonalds and Burger King franchises grace their highways and roadsides. Most of them alongside or adjacent to petrol stations and or rest areas, filled with children and their families. It felt like we were back in the good ole USA.

Because we were trying very hard not to eat processed foods on this trip hubby would speed right past them. Unfortunately though, these 2 franchises became our regular “goto” during our entire RV trip in Belgium, France and now Spain. Since wireless or WIFI access in Europe is not easily accessible for free and both Burger King and McDonalds offer FREE wifi, we would spend quite a few hours “hanging out” at these burger joints. While the kids enjoyed their Happy Meals and indoor parks, hubby and I were updating our blog, downloading new movies or apps. Believe it or not, it was our only option; at most of the RV campsites we visited, the WIFI access was very weak or expensive and at almost every rest stop there was a McD’s or BK.

Pan means "bread" in Spanish
Pan means “bread” in Spanish

Thankfully, though we came across a much better franchise, local to Spain called PANS & COMPANY. We easily mistook it for a McDonalds and walked in with our laptops and kids in tow. We were so happy to find this place, there were no burgers but instead sandwiches, made with beautiful types of crusty breads – and they had FREE WIFI!

The menu
The menu

We loved the fact that we could eat a “fast sandwich” that was fresh. The bread was so wonderful!

Daddy's meal :)
Daddy’s meal 🙂

We ordered the kids meal for Lou Lou and Jaf just to see what it would look like. It was a typical meal you would find at any other franchised restaurant.

Pans & Company's version of a Happy Meal
Pans & Company’s version of a Happy Meal
What's inside!
What’s inside!
One happy customer!
One happy customer!

And so we added PANS & Company to our GPS and decided to seek out more local franchises from Spain that were healthier and had free wifi. Had no such luck though…

Anyone else have suggestions, please, please comment!

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