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The French “Macaron” Revolution

There’s a crazy macaron obsession going on lately.

Almost more insane than the cupcake revolution that started 4 years ago. Lately we see them in every window of every cafe in “so far” every country we’ve visited in Europe. Including Morocco, the UAE and even as far our our little island, Hawaii!

While walking past a random cafe in France, Lou Lou asked, “Are those macarons edible? Because they look so fake.”

So we walked into the cafe, sat, ordered a few macarons and talked about the macaron’s original origin and the different varieties made in different parts of the world. While this was going on, we start to notice a line forming outside of the cafe, literally a very long line. Curious, we asked our waitress what was going on. She told us a tour bus had just arrived and that this “boutique” is the famous LADUREE, where the “original” French macaron was created. How ironic is that?!!

Where the ORIGINAL French Macaron was made...
Where the ORIGINAL French Macaron was made…

Their macarons were wonderful, colorful and full of flavor!

There were chocolate, strawberry and lemon
There were chocolate, strawberry and lemon

We won’t go into detail about the taste, since we’re sure you’ve had them before. But when in Paris (and now Dubai and New York), and want to taste a REAL macaron visit a LADUREE.

Lou Lou is now a fan of macarons!


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