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Oahu Eats: The Girls Who Bake Next Door

The Oahu food truck scene is still overwhelmingly popular here on the island, with Maui and the Big Island following closely behind. Just take a drive up to Haleiwa and the North Shore, or even Mililani Tech Park and you’ll see a barrage of new food trucks catering to hungry tourists at almost every other stop light.

For us locals, it’s nice to see some of the “original” food trucks still in business. The Girls Who Bake Next Door, for example, have been around since 2012, a time when food trucks were still gaining popularity in the United States.


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One of the few dessert trucks here on the island, their cupcakes and cookies are quite popular amongst the locals and foodies.

oahu food truck
Mmm, can’t wait to get our hands on these cupcakes. Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate & Cookies n Cream.

Below is a sample of what their menu looks like. It changes daily, so be sure to check them out on Instagram or Twitter before stopping by!

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We recently spotted their food truck next to Target, and of course, the kid-foodies had to go taste them for you all!

Oahu food truck
It was difficult to decide what we wanted to taste…if the kids had it their way, they’d order one of each! But, we ended up trying three types of cupcakes: red velvet, dark chocolate, and cookies & cream. We also sampled their peanut butter toffee cookie, which we’d heard great things about. Check out our video below to see which cupcakes were our favorites!

Have you tried The Girls Who Bake Next Door before? Let us know in the comments below how you find their desserts. Also, we’re always looking for new food truck suggestions to try out! Tweet us @pintsizegourmet, or message us on Facebook.

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