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Top 10 Kid-Friendly Places to Eat in Dubai

Edit: Check out our 2016 edition of 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Dubai.

Twenty years ago no one even heard of Dubai.

Today, the city is being declared as the gastronomic capital of the Middle East region for having over 200 cuisines nationalities in 2014. In celebration for their recognition, the Dubai Food Festival was celebrated for the first time last year from February 21 to March 15.

We were there, and can personally single out a few restaurants that are family-friendly, offering different and new experiences for children. When we mean new, we mean new flavors, new cuisines and off-the-beaten-track locations.

Here are a few restaurants that are Lou Lou and Jaf’s favorites. They are in no particular order, but the kids have come to love some of the items on their menus or just love the place because of what they have to offer;


Check out their KID BENTOS and Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays!
Check out their KID BENTOS and Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays!

You see, we’re big sushi fans! And there’s no other Japanese restaurant in Dubai that is truly family-friendly than Sumo Sushi & Bento. With a KIDS-EAT-FREE-TUESDAY and kid bento boxes (sushi shaped like rabbits and veggies shaped like stars), they have everything to keep your little ones occupied. – Town Centre, Jumeriah Beach Road

Kids Favorite: Chicken Katsu Bento, Edamame and Tuna Lovers Bento


All of the custards and their hot dog
All of the custards and their hot dog

Oh the Custard! We visit here at least once a week when we’re in Dubai. The kids love their hotdogs and more importantly their red velvet custard. Although the don’t have any kid-friendly things to do, the atmosphere and food is what keeps the kids always wanting to come back. – Mercato Mall, Jumeriah Beach Road

Kids Favorite: Hotdog, red velvet and shark attack custard


Kebbe and hot dog fatayer
Kebbe and hot dog fatayer

Their name says it all! Known for delivery 24 hours a day, we’ve ordered from them in the wee hours of the morning, when jet-lag set in. Their location at Murooj is small but great for family-dining. They have wonderful Lebanese fatayers, manakish, juices and sandwiches. The kids love their mini hot dogs and chicken sandwiches. – Al Murooj Complex

Kids Favorite: Kebbe, hotdog, pizza and cheese fatayer


Lou Lou's Tomato Omelet
Lou Lou’s Tomato Omelet

Located in the “old part” of Dubai, this Pakistani hole-in-the-wall restaurant is where my kids love to go for breakfast. It’s by no means a 4-5* star establishment, but don’t be fooled by appearances. If you truly want authentic, affordable Pakistani food at an affordable price, this is the place to go. They always order the tomato omelet along with cheese naan and aloo paratha. I get a nice cup of chai and watch as they munch away at their meal. Ravi’s is known more for their tandoori chicken, so go check them out during lunch or dinner. – Satwa, Dubai

Kids Favorite: Cheese Naan, tandoori chicken, spicy tomato omelet and aloo paratha


Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

We’ve been on the Bateaux twice in one year. The food is great, the kids love sitting in the open air area, just admiring the city lights and watching the dhows and boats crossover to Deira. The staff are very friendly and attentive to your young ones. – Deira Creek, Dubai

Kids Favorite: They are more interested in riding the boat than eating on it!


The Beach… :)
The Beach… 🙂

Located at the One & Only Royal Mirage Hotel on the beach it has a wonderful wooden playground for the kids. There are menus for the kids and adults to enjoy and its right on the beach where the kids often stroll and play. – Royal Mirage Hotel, Jumeriah Beach

Kids Favorite: Cheeseburgers or the Seafood Mixed Grill


The Dubai Fountain
The Dubai Fountain

If you want a great view of the Dubai Fountains this is the place to go. We normally aim to get there early afternoon and reserve a table outside so we can order our favorite Lebanese cuisine, sit and watch the show! The kids love this! – Dubai Mall ,near Dubai fountains

Kids Favorite: Grilled shrimp plate, hummus with meat and fresh Arabic bread



This pizza chain is so kid-friendly! The branch we visit is the one at KidZania and is part of the theme park where children play and their chefs teach kids how to make and decorate their own pizzas. The pizzas are yummy and the kids love this place! KidZania, Dubai Mall

Kids Favorite: Whatever they make and their dough balls


We take the leftovers home!! :)
We take the leftovers home!! 🙂

Butter Chicken. That’s all you need to know! They have the Indian best butter chicken in the city which kids love it with some white rice and butter naan. Also located in the “old part” of Dubai, in an area called Karama it’s a great place to visit in the evening when its cool and you can go for a stroll in the famous Karama souk for some cheap retail shopping therapy. – Al Karama, Dubai

Kids Favorite: Butter chicken with buttered naan


Those buns are addicting..
These buns are addicting..

I think they put something in these buns that make everyone want more. Particularly my children who can eat 2 each in one visit plus a side of milk. Lou Lou loves the strawberry topping or just plain while Jaf orders his with chocolate sauce. – Dubai Mall

So when you’re planning a visit to Dubai or haven’t been to these places yet, go check it out.

Your kids won’t be disappointed! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Top 10 Kid-Friendly Places to Eat in Dubai”

  1. That’s a great list of options for kids! I’m sure a lot of parents or caregivers will find this post helpful to take their children out to eat 🙂 The food look really delicious! And your kids are really cute!!

    1. Pint Size Gourmets

      Aw thanks for reading, Stacey! This post has made me want to hop on a plane and eat there again. 🙂

  2. So good to see a post on the foodie experience in Dubai, it’s not something you associate Dubai for and the food experiences are just so amazing. I think Dubai is great for kids because there is so much to keep them occupied and so many cuisines to keep them happy too! I’ve been to Al Hallab and loved it, especially the views!

    1. Pint Size Gourmets

      You know, you’re right. Definitely a hidden gem that more people need to be aware of! Thanks for reading, what are some of your favorite restaurants in Dubai?

  3. This a a great list for kids and adults! I have found myself pretty hungry after reading your recommendations. Those buns at Papa Roti look delicious!

    1. Pint Size Gourmets

      Papa Roti might be my favorite spot in the city…those buns are amazing! Glad you enjoyed the list. 🙂

  4. Travelwith2ofus

    Over 200 types of cuisines, now that is really incredible. I love the mix of the 10 restaurants you chose. Some kids are picky eaters so this list will help those parents navigate feeding them in Dubai.

  5. Thanks for sharing! When I last had a stopover in Dubai it was hard to know the best places to eat without spending lots of money (there’s definitely plenty of exxy options!), so I’ll look back here next time I’m visiting.

    1. Pint Size Gourmets

      Oh yes, Dubai can definitely be a (pricey) foodie paradise. We’re going to be updating our list for 2016, so stay tuned for some new, affordable kid-friendly options.

  6. I think my daughter would like all of these places except maybe SIND PUNJAB. RAVI’S sounds like my type of place.

    1. Pint Size Gourmets

      Wow, we haven’t been to Ravi’s in AGES! Have to eat there the next time we’re in town. Where else does your daughter enjoy eating at in Dubai…we’re looking for new restaurants to try!

  7. Looks like you found some really great places! We’re going to Dubai in November and I’m really looking forward to trying some of the food options. Lou Lou’s omelet looks great.

    1. Pint Size Gourmets

      Lovely – the weather will be perfect when you’re there! We’re updating our list for 2016, so stay tuned for a new one shortly. 🙂

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