Camping at an Amusement Park in Wassenaar, Netherlands

We spent two years RVing with our kid-foodies across Europe and created our kid-friendly European Camping Guides from our travel experiences. Read this post to find out where to camp in Southern Holland, our experience at Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar, and things to do in Wassenaar, including day-trips to Rotterdam and The Hague.

After a month driving through the Netherlands and spending 2 weeks on the road staying at various campsites we wanted to stay somewhere with more “entertainment for the kids.” Thankfully, Dutch people are so helpful and a few people we had met during our stay in Edam recommended a campsite in Wassenaar called Camping Duinrell.

RV at Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar
Our comfy, private pitch

The Ambiance at Camping Duinrell In Wassenaar

Camping Duinrell is a popular amusement park and campground located in Southern Holland. It’s only 6km from the North Sea Beach and 15km to Scheveningen, a beautiful seaside resort. It was just the excitement the kids needed during our RV adventure through the Netherlands. We booked our camping pitch a week in advance for 7-days in the middle of June and were so lucky to find a space!

PRO tip, if you’re RVing through Europe in the summer time, campsites tend to get filled with campers, both local and from neighboring EU countries, so make your bookings in advance!

The first 2 days we spent roaming the campsite and relaxing while both kids headed to the amusement park and rode the roller coasters for hours. Access to the amusement park was free as part of the our stay at the campsite, which was a huge plus! The park closes to the public in the evening and then becomes a quiet, wonderful place to stroll through in the evening with some of the rides staying open for on-site campers.

Bumper boats at Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar
Riding the bumper boats in the park 🙂

There’s a nearby picturesque Dutch village, that’s just a short walk across the street, with a lively shopping centre. When we didn’t want to cook in our RV this is where we went for a couple of evenings to have dinner.

Accommodation Options at Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar

Since we were traveling in an RV, we needed a place to park our RV, something that Camping Duinrell offers. Our pitch was right in front of the entrance to the park which made it easy for us to go in and out, and we didn’t find it too noisy or busy in the day.

If you don’t have an RV, there are a number of other options including chalets, campsites to pitch your own tent, lodge tents for those that want to go glamping, and even an on-site hostel. The variety of options offered at Camping Duinrell suits every budget with facilities from basic to premium.

Ready to Make a Booking? Check for Campsite Availability at Camping Duinrell Now!

The Food at Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar

The campsite is just lovely; very well kept, and well managed with a really good restaurant that offers take-away service. There is a grocery on site which is well-stocked for last minute items and could probably meet all your needs if your stay is short. However, it is slightly more expensive. If you’re looking to cook for the duration of your stay at Camping Duinrell then I recommend heading to the supermarket in the neighboring town of Wassenaar.

Eating Poffertjes at Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar
They had the BEST foodstalls at the park! Poffertjes

If you’re spending the day at the amusement park, you’ll find a full service restaurant, pancake house, and a number of food stalls that serve up pizza, churros, glazed fruit, and our absolute Dutch favorite, poffertjes!

The Facilities at Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar

In addition to the amusement park complete with rollercoasters, there’s also a water park located at the campsite. According to Lou Lou and Jaf, it comes with a some pretty awesome water slides, 16 in total!

Kids at the water park at Camping Duinrell at Wassenaar
Drying off!

When we were there, entry to the water park was free for the first two hours, and we found that two hours was more than enough for our young ones. On one occasion we even though we stayed an hour over, and they didn’t charge us because it started to rain in the end.

However, things have changed since then and below are the new pricing rules.

It may cost you an entry fee to the water park, depending on the time of year of your camping trip. According to their website, if you stay in the winter aka from November to March, entry to the park park is included in your camping price. If you stay in a chalet during the summer months from April to October, then you get two hours free entry to the pool area between the hours of 10am-2pm. Otherwise you have to purchase an entry ticket.

Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar
Making new friends everyday at the park!

We spent our last few days cycling around Camping Duinrell. There are miles of well-indicated cycle tracks through the lovely woodland and countryside that can took us past The Hague and the Bulb Fields. It’s a wonderful ride for the entire family.

Things to do in Wassenaar

Day-Trips to Rotterdam and The Hague from Wassenaar

Since we were there for a week, we decided to explore the neighboring area of South Holland. Wassenaar is only 30km from Rotterdam and 12.7km from The Hague, and we found that it was easy to get to both those places by public transportation.

Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar
We took the train to Rotterdam and spent the day exploring the beautiful city.

We found it extremely convenient (especially with little ones) that there’s a bus strop right in front of the park. To get to the Hague, we took the bus that stops right in front of the park, and then got off at the Hague Central train station. We then hopped on a train headed to Rotterdam, where we spent much of the day before heading back to our RV home.

We recommend buying an OV-chipkaart for the buses and trains for day trips in the region. The OV-chipkaart card is a smartcard that offers great value for money and it works on trains, trams, buses, and even the metro throughout the Netherlands.

Visiting the Miniature City of Madurodam

The kids had a wonderful time at the Miniature city of Madurodam, which is an amusement park in The Hague.

Madurodam in The Hague - Things to do in Wassenaar

The park features replicas Holland’s most popular attractions and buildings in miniature-form like the windmills of Kinderdijk, Amsterdam’s Westerkerk church, and even a miniature Rijksmuseum. It’s a must see if you have little children – click here to get your tickets.

Visiting Wassenaar City Centre

Dutch cities can be so quaint, and Wassenaar city centre is the perfect example. While do your grocery run, we recommend stopping by the main area. There’s a weekly Tuesday market on the Berkheiveld – which is great for snacks, fresh fruit, and trying lots of delicious Dutch foods.

Spend a Day at the Beach

Camping Duinrell is conveniently located merely four kilometers way from the large North Sea Beach. Wassenaar Beach - Camping Duinrell in WassenaarGetting there is very easy by bike – it takes about 15 minutes on a clearly marked cycle path that leads you straight to Wassenaar beach.


Suggested Activities from Wassenaar

Camping Duinrell in Wassenaar has the charm of Southern Holland and was everything we needed in terms of a campsite. The campgrounds creates a kid-friendly atmosphere with plenty of activities and things to do to keep the little ones occupied. Our kids loved it here and haven’t stopped asking to go back since.


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