creative ways to make a smore

Ready, Set, S’mores!

Get creative!
Get creative!

Every evening in the summer, the kids look forward to eating the one thing they love most… burnt marshmallows!

There’s nothing more satisfying than sandwiching that between a bar of Hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers. S’mores, was made for summer nights or any other night for that matter. While in Europe, finding marshmallows was quite easy so we made S’mores often. We were surprised that many Europeans never had a S’more so sharing the experience with other kids from neighboring campsites was a way to make friends and a great excuse to cuddle up near a fire on those cold Spring nights.

A cold Spring night in Amsterdam
A cold Spring night in Amsterdam

There’s no right or wrong way to make one, and to be honest I love when the kids get adventurous and add things to their creation. Read on for some creative ways to make a S’mores!

  • Buy different kinds of candy bars
  • Use chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers
  • Spread peanut butter, nutella or cookie butter on graham crackers instead of using candy
  • Slice up some bananas or add fruit
  • Don’t like chocolate? Use jellies, jams or our favorite… lemon curd!
  • Or get crazy and add bacon, they way Mom likes it!
  • Use waffles instead of graham crackers!
  • Don’t have crackers or cookies? Use toasted white bread..
  • Dip the sides of S’mores in rainbow sprinkles!
  • Serve it with a side of ice cream
  • Drizzle caramel sauce between marshmallow and chocolate
  • Make a peanut butter and jelly S’mores
Making smores!
Making smores!

There are so many ways to change up the original S’mores so be creative, have fun mixing it up. Your kids will love you for it!

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