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An Afternoon at Mall of America’s New Crayola Experience

When I was first invited to attend the Grand Opening of the Crayola Experience at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, I thought I’d give it a pass. I mean, who wants to spend their day learning about crayons and markers, right?!

Needless to say, I, like many other adults in our small guided tour ended up spending more than 4 hours at Crayola Experience!

Yes, it was much more fun that I could have imagined and definitely not a place only for children.

So, what is the Crayola Experience?


The Crayola Experience is an extremely fun, family-friendly thing to do at Mall of America. It’s designed by Crayola

“to be a full day of hands-on creative play and colorful fun! It’s where every child’s creation is wonderfully unique – just like them!”


The Crayola Experience is unique.

crayola experience

It’s really an experience you can’t find anywhere else, and definitely one you must take your kids to (and yourself for that matter) when visiting Bloomington and the Mall of America in Minnesota.

crayola experience
So colorful & fun for everyone!

Here are a few cool things you’ll be able to do once inside the venue:

  • Learn how crayons are made in a live show
  • Star in your very own coloring page
  • Name and wrap your very own Crayola crayon
  • Embark on a 4-D coloring adventure
  • Use your touch and bring your “Art Alive,” experience “Color Magic” in 4-D or try on something “You Design” in these digital attractions
  • Create melted wax keepsakes!
  • Turn your melted crayons into cool creations as the scent brings you back to childhood.
crayola experience
Made Jaf his very own crayon 🙂

crayola experience

Crayola Experience Logo

I have this weird fixation with the smell of melted wax so imagine my delight when I walked into this colorful venue and inhaled my first whiff of wax! It just sent me back in time.

I truly relived my childhood at the newly opened Crayola Experience at Mall of America and can’t wait to bring Lou Lou and Jaf back here before the end of summer.

It’s a great example of how technology magically combines to create a colorful adventure for a child’s imagination.

crayola experience

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