germany is bread

Germany is BREAD HEAVEN!

We didn’t spend as much time as we would have liked to Germany. Just passing through by way of Austria to make sure we reached the Netherlands by a certain time. In all, I would say we spent 2 weeks.

During those 2 weeks, we hardly made a meal in the RV and instead ate out quite a bit. From frankfurters to haxen we must have gained the most weight in Germany. But the thing that stood out the most about the country, in terms of food was their breads!

Bread is the number one most important food item in our household (or should I say RV home). Dad can’t go a day without bread and that gene was passed onto my children, who up until recently can’t get enough of the stuff. While we were in France I would have to buy at least 4-5 baguettes a day for breakfast and lunch.

germany is bread
Lou Lou LOVED trying all the different kinds of bread in the market and at the bakeries.

Both children would ask to visit the local grocery and bakeries in Germany just to pick out the most unusual and unlikely kinds of German bread. There are some breads that are so rich and dense with ingredients they are almost black! They love the selection of breads and the different tastes that are available at all of the bakeries and went crazy whenever there were samples being given out.

Did you know that Germany has more bakeries and eat more than 2,200 varieties of bread than any other country in Europe and probably the world? And Germans have their favorites, like sour dough, pretzel, spelt, rye and grain breads with seeds like flax and sunflower.

germany is bread
Sometimes the bread was larger than the plate!

By far the best time to eat bread would be breakfast, when the breads are fresh. Germans tend to eat very simple breakfasts (like the picture above), sometimes adding cheese, cold cuts and sausages for a more hearty meal.

germany is bread
I think we ate more pretzels in Germany in 2 weeks than we ate in a lifetime!

Bread is a staple with every German meal which the kids loved and looked forward to since everyday was a new experience.

As Jaf would say, “Germany is BREAD HEAVEN!”

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