chocolate tasting tour in brussels

Take a DIY Chocolate Tasting Tour in Brussels, Belgium

This post is for anyone visiting Brussels and wondering where to find the best chocolate in Brussels. I’ll cover everything from the best Brussels chocolate shops to chocolate workshops in Brussels. Read on to discover your own DIY chocolate tasting tour in Brussels!
As we said goodbye to the Netherlands and made our way into Belgium, all the kids talked about during our drive was the “chance” to meet Willy Wonka (can you guess what movie we watched during the 2 hour drive).
Before we began our trip into Brussels, I talked to them about the different types of foods that Belgians are known to love.
  • Mussels
  • Belgian Waffles
  • and Chocolate…
…just to name a few.
Curious to know more? Read our Kid-Friendly Guide to Food in Brussels.
IMG_2320I also told them we had booked a visit to a chocolate factory AND we were going to learn how chocolate was made. They were so excited that evening! It wasn’t hard for me to get them up bright and early the next morning and bribe them to complete their schoolwork by 12 pm so we could go “look for the factory.”

Chocolate Tasting & Chocolate Making Classes in Brussels That We Recommend

Where to find the chocolatiers in Brussels

IMG_2316On entering the center, near the Grand Place market square, you start to see all of the lovely chocolatiers and their cleverly decorated window displays. When I say clever, it’s because it totally invites you in to check out their goodies.
As we walked around, exploring the Belgian chocolates on offer, Jaf would always walk out of each store with samples of free chocolate.IMG_2329
IMG_2332They just gave him chocolate because he would say, “Oh, I’m not going to buy anything. I just want to smell your shop.”
He would then take a big inhale, which resulted in the salesperson always giving him a sample of chocolate.
IMG_2356We didn’t even have to eat our own, because he would walk away with enough for the entire family!

5 Chocolate Shops You Can’t Miss in Brussels

Here’s where to buy the best chocolate in Brussels from the best Belgian chocolate brands.

1- Le Comptoir de Mathilde


This has to be, hands down, our favorite chocolatier in Brussels. We couldn’t get the kids to leave! They stopped and looked at every single item, pointed at everything until a saleslady nearby handed my daughter a basket!
IMG_2323And of course, they both thought they could grab everything they wanted and place it in the basket for daddy. Gladly, they didn’t choose too many things and we walked out of there with only 5lbs of chocolate.

2 – Maison Bruyère

A type of chocolate we grew to love in Belgium were pralines. Pralines, not to be confused with American pecan version, have a chocolate shell with a soft filling interior. We strolled around Grand Place, popping in to “sample” chocolate from many chocolatiers and discovered Maison Bruyère to have the best hand-crafted pralines…the one with ganache is a must!

3- Elisabeth Chocolatier


This chocolate boutique stocks some of the best and tastiest sweet treats from around Belgium. If you’re looking to try the unique cuberdon candies we wrote about, or unique artisanal Belgian chocolate, then Elisabeth is the store to head to.IMG_2359

Don’t forget to try an artisanal mello-cake, too!

4 – Godiva

Founded over 80 years ago in Brussels by Joseph Draps, Godiva is synonymous the world over with Belgian chocolate. I’m pretty sure the first Belgian chocolate I ever tasted was a box of Godiva Belgian chocolates. It was rich and divine! A visit to the original store location near the Grand Place is a must.

5 – Leonidas

Another famous Belgian chocolate brand is Leonidas, which has been creating quality chocolates for close to 100 years. Leonidas chocolate are made according to traditional chocolate making methods and use quality ingredients like fresh butter and cream. If you’re looking for goodies to take back home, you can’t go wrong stepping in to one of the many Leonidas stores in Brussels.

Chocolate Making in Brussels at Planète Chocolat: The Chocolate Workshop

Exploring Brussel’s chocolatiers doesn’t just have to leave you with a sweet tooth…it can be educational, too. As part of our culinary worldschooling curriculum, I try and combine our travels with learning experiences. In Spain, we learned all about tomatoes and how to make pan con tomate. In Brussels, I signed us up for a chocolate factory tour and chocolate making class at Planète Chocolat, which was incredible.
Chocolate Factory Tour
And our chocolate making tour 🙂
The chocolates the kids made

The kids learned about the differences between white, milk and dark chocolate and even got to make their own chocolate candy. They learned all about tempering chocolate and how to pour chocolate into molds and finally chill them to be packaged. If you’re in Brussels, it’s something you cannot miss experiencing!


As we headed back to our RV, still full from our chocolate binge, Lou Lou says to me, “Mom, it was like we were in chocolate heaven.”
We were honey, we were.

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What are your favorite Belgian chocolates and chocolatiers in Brussels? Let us know in the comments below!


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