Move Over Sprinkles!!

There’s a new bad boy in the house, HAGELSLAG!

Whoever said sprinkles were only for kids, cupcakes and ice cream were so wrong.


The thing that freaked the kids out was when we saw adults eating bread with sprinkles in mid-day during lunch. Who eats bread with sprinkles??! I guess all Dutch people do! All day, everyday and anytime of the day.


It’s a favorite snack for kids and you’ll see parents serving it up after playtime at the local park.

Hagelslag is not like our sprinkles in America. They come in different varieties, but the mains are; fruit flavor, anise seed (licorice), dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. It’s also a served at baby showers, pink for girl – blue for boy.


It’s mainly served on toast, with butter and tastes like cake to us!

And this is why we think Dutch people are so cool…

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