Frieten, Frites, French Fries or Patat?

Whatever you call it, we’ve been eating this daily during our visits to the Netherlands and Brussels.

Vleminckx,  Amsterdam's oldest frites shop
Vleminckx, Amsterdam’s oldest frites shop

Frites (let’s just call it this since we’ve gotten used to it), is an extremely popular snack with the Dutch and Belgians. Usually served in paper cones and topped with mayonnaise you can find it practically everywhere you go in both countries. In the Netherlands, “patat frites or vlaamse frites” come with different kinds of toppings such as mayonnaise, knooflok (garlic sauce), fritessaus (like mayo, but less fattening) and satesaus (peanut/satay sauce) . Most of the sauces are charged separately (we noticed most shops don’t just give ketchup free in Europe, by the way).

Can't wait...
Can’t wait…
Frites with satesaus (peanut sauce) and onions (Dutch specialty)
Frites with satesaus (peanut sauce) and onions (Dutch specialty)
Wasn't too fond of the onions.. but otherwise, he devoured it!
Wasn’t too fond of the onions.. but otherwise, he devoured it!

As much as we love the Dutch frites, we have to admit that the Belgian Frites are really the best frites we’ve ever eaten. It has something to do with the way they cook them (pre-cook and then fry them again), but oh my… they are awesome!

Belgian frites in Brussels :)
Belgian frites in Brussels 🙂
Gimme, gimme!
Gimme, gimme!

We’ve eaten so much fries in 2 months than we eat in a whole year. One thing we are certain of, Europeans make darn good fries (oops, we mean frites)!

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  1. OMG< we love frites. There is a food truck here in Brooklyn that makes them and they are to die for. Not sure if they are authentic, but they seem to be! I love all the different dips.

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