mussels in brussels

The Mussels in Brussels

I know, kids eating mussels?

You’d be surprised to know that kids can eat and learn to love “fruits de mer” without cringing when they first see them. Moules-Frites (pronounced mool-freet), which originated in Belgium and is a very popular dish across Europe consists of live mussels, steamed in a white wine with garlic and herbs. It’s served in a pot with a side of frites (fries) and a baguette (to dip and eat all that lovely broth at the end).

Moules Frites
Moules Frites

We were wondering what the response would be when the food arrived, since this is all we ordered and really wanted the kids to try something we absolutely loved, seafood.


When the orders arrived, Jaf and LouLou were, “Is this all you ordered?” and “Who’s this for, us?!” We got a hand wave from Jaf as he refused to even give it a go. Lou Lou on the other hand is always more adventurous and immediately dug in.


We waited…



And voila! She loved it!

A few minutes later, Jaf was joining in on the fun. (Jaf always follows suit once his sister approves it). When we mean fun, it truly is fun for kids and adults alike. Extracting strange orange-colored oval shaped flesh from the shells with your spoon or mouth and sucking out all the “juice” is an experience worth photographing.

For the next fews days, it was moules-frites for us all!

We were pleased…

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