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A New Polynesian Cultural Center Experience: HUKI

We got to experience the Polynesian Cultural Center’s latest show, HUKI and absolutely loved it. This post is for anyone thinking about visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. We cover everything from the Polynesian Cultural Center Huki show review to when to go, discount tickets to the PCC and what else there is to do at the Polynesian Cultural Center.
I have only cried once at a Disney movie, and it was during the opening of Moana.
The song, Tulou Tagaloa, by Olivia Foa’i sent shivers down my spine as I sat in my seat at the movie theater. When I think back to that moment, I wonder why that 54-second intro had such a profound effect on me. I think about that all the time.
So I googled it, and it seems that I am not the only person who cried during that opening scene. In fact, many other Polynesians did too, which I found quite astonishing. How could a song—sung in Samoan—have such an impact on other Polynesians who do not speak the language?
It made me wonder…how are we are all connected?
Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I ended up at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) with my children. The Polynesian Cultural Center Hawaii is on Oahu, and about an hour drive if you are coming from Honolulu. It was a beautiful and sunny day, and what better way to spend it than roaming the 42 lush acres of park that the Polynesian Cultural Center sits on.

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I began to take in much more than just the coconut trees and canoes…I began to notice the different and rich heritage of the Pacific Islands.

The Polynesian Cultural Center Oahu 101


Located on the Oahu’s North Shore, the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) is a popular thing to do when you visit Hawaii. There is a lot more to our islands than just beaches and a laid-back lifestyle…if you’re looking to have an authentic cultural experience, then spending one day learning about it at PCC is a must. Click here to get a FREE DINNER when you purchase the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Admission & Show package.

Best of all, if you’re traveling with little ones, the Polynesian Cultural Center is very family-friendly! My kids love how interactive everything is, which makes learning a lot more fun for them!
There are two things I recommend checking out when visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center:
    • Skip the luau’s that your hotels offer and head to the Polynesian Cultural Center for their Alii Luau experience —apart from getting an invite from a local to one of their luaus, this will be the closest authentic luau experience you can get when visiting Hawaii. Click here to get tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau
  • Their latest show and absolutely spectacular water show, HUKI, featuring canoes, storytellers, musicians and dancers

HUKI: One Ohana Sharing Aloha

Our visit to PCC was to experience the debut of their new canoe show, Huki. The word Huki in Hawaiian means ‘to pull,’ and the show celebrates the great ocean highway of the Pacific with depictions of our ancestors earliest open-sea voyages using navigation, way finding and exploration.


The latest water show, Huki, with its captivating story is what drew me to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center after many years. Without giving too much away (you have to go see it for yourselves!), the show shares the Polynesian perspective on how the Pacific Ocean did not divide the islands of Polynesia and its peoples. Instead, it united them through its vast highway.

As my family and I sat and watched the show in its entirety my mind wandered often. I reminisced about my recent trip to New Zealand and Rarotonga and the many friends I made in Dubai who were also from Polynesia. However, towards the end, there was a song called “One Ohana,” written and sung by PCC’s musicians that played, and again, I balled my eyes out.

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What to Know Before You Go to the Polynesian Cultural Center

You can find the latest Polynesian Cultural Center show schedules here on their website, including the cost of Polynesian Cultural Center tickets (everything from Polynesian Cultural Center general admission tickets to VIP ones) for the various shows/luaus that they host. Save 10% on Polynesian Cultural Center prices here.
Did you know you can even take a canoe ride at Polynesian Cultural Center? Click here to find out more info.
Polynesian Cultural Center Hours
The PCC is open every Monday-Saturday, from 11:45 am – 9:00 pm. The Hukilau Marketplace is open every Monday-Saturday from 11:00 am – 9:30 pm. They’re both closed Sundays, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


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  1. What wonderful cultural experience at the Polynesian Cultural Center show. We went to Hawaii years ago and need to plan another visit soon. Saving this post.

  2. This looks like a great place for families! I’d love to take my son here to learn about Polynesian culture. We’ve been to New Zealand and really enjoyed exploring Maori culture, I think we’d really enjoy this too. Thanks for the read!

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