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Vegemite or Marmite Taste Test: Which Is Better?!

The kid-foodies tried two unique spreads called Vegemite and Marmite that are popular in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. This post talks about vegemite and marmite, where they were invented, what vegemite tastes like, where to buy vegemite in the US and how to eat both vegemite and marmite. Watch their video to find out the Vegemite or Marmite taste test: which is better?
Leah and Jaffer have grown up with the motto of trying everything once before forming an opinion about it.
We have instilled this in them since they were young—it certainly came in handy when we were traveling through Europe in an RV, culinary worldschooling them along the way. They got to try
Having kids that are adventurous eaters made our lives so. much. easier. when they growing up; we never ordered from the kids menu, and always chose to order smaller portions off the regular menu and share our meals.
So, on a recent trip to New Zealand, I got to try marmite for the first time and on tasting it I just knew I had to bring a jar back for my kid-foodies to try! I also bought a jar of the Australian version, Vegemite, so they could do a little taste test of both.

Watch the kid-foodies discover just what marmite and vegemite tastes like

What is the difference between Marmite and Vegemite? Is vegemite the same as marmite? What’s the difference between marmite and vegemite?

Here’s what’s the marmite vegemite difference: they are basically similar; it’s all in a name, and when and where they were first created. Marmite is British, and Vegemite is Australian. Both are by-products from the beer brewing process. This thick, dark spread is made from concentrated yeast extract.

Who invented vegemite? When was vegemite invented?

Marmite was invented in 1902 by German scientist, Justus Liebig, who discovered that the yeast used to make beer could be concentrated and eaten.
Vegemite, the Australian version was invented in Melbourne a few years later—in 1922—by Cyril Percy Callister, an Australian chemist. However, it took another twenty years after being developed for Vegemite to become a household name in Australian homes across the country. Here’s a great article that goes into the history of Vegemite from conception to the brand it is today!

What is marmite and vegemite made out of? How is vegemite made?

Both Vegemite and marmite have a high concentration of Vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin) and folic acid. It’s also high in protein. And yes, vegemite is good for you.

Are there any health benefits to eating Vegemite and Marmite?

marmite vs vegemite with leah and jaffer in the backgroundGood news for vegetarians and vegans, all marmite products are vegan, except for the 70g container, which is vegetarian! Unfortunately, marmite is not gluten free due to the ingredients (wheat, rye, barley) used in the beer brewing process. Even though the collected yeast is washed before being made into marmite, it still may have gluten in the final yeast extract.

Where to buy Vegemite and Marmite?

If you can’t find Vegemite or Marmite in the international aisle of your grocery store, then Amazon is your next best source!

If you’re feeling more adventurous, there are also Marmite-flavored oven baked cashews, Marmite Rice Cakes and even Marmite-flavored Biscuits. And, let’s not forget the Vegemite Bagel Crisps. I mean if you want to try it, why not go all out in your taste testing!

How to eat Vegemite…what’s the best way?

We asked our Facebook friends about the best way to eat Vegemite, and all the Marmite/Vegemite-lovers said the same thing: just use a small scrape on a slice of buttered toast. The mistake most newbies make is to slather their toast the way they would with a cheese spread and the flavor becomes overwhelming. Just a little bit is the way to go.
For those that really want to experiment with marmite, here are a few cookbooks we found, including The Marmite Cookbook:

So marmite vs Vegemite…what do you prefer? And, how do you like to eat this unique spread of brewer’s yeast?Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Yes! Just a small amount on white buttered toast is how I love vegemite! Such an acquired taste!

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