pick your own produce

Visit A Pick Your Own Produce Farm

pick your own produce
Showing off the watermelon he picked!

As city-folk, we’re lucky to have all the benefits of living in and visiting some of the world’s most amazing cities and their nearby countrysides filled with farms and great agricultural experiences.

There is nothing quite like visiting a pick your own produce farm on a warm summer morning to pick up fruits and vegetables for the week. Your children will enjoy filling up a basket of produce and learning about the benefits of gardening. Parents are now are looking to teach their children more about the farm-to-table experience, and there’s no better lesson than harvesting your own food.

pick your own produce
Our visit to a watermelon farm on the island of Oahu
pick your own produce
Learning about what makes a watermelon sweet, why the seeds are black and how to know when they are ripe.

An added bonus? Not only will you be supporting local farmers and the local economy, kids are also more likely to try new produce when they’re part of the selection process. Beyond that, picking your own fruit and vegetables is tons of fun, and makes for a great day or weekend trip.

Click here to find pick-your-own-fruit and vegetable farms in the US and Canada.

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